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12 Laws of Christmas – Day 4 Gun Trust $100 off

Interested in a Gun Trust or one of our new Asset Protection Gun Trusts? This special is for today only. If you Contact Us by email or telephone today, we will knock $100 off the price of your Gun Trust. To learn more about what a Gun Trust is visit the Gun Trust Lawyer® Blog If you Contact Us after hours on Dec

The Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC has decided to do 12 great specials for our new and existing clients.

New Gun Trust Provides Asset Protection for Firearms Collectors and his or her Family.

Until now, the answer has been that a gun trust does not provide any asset protection for firearms. Today we are announcing a new form of Gun Trust for the Gun Collector that does provide asset protection from creditors of the creator as well as the beneficiaries. This trust has many of the same benefits of our normal Gun Trust and we can even convert your previous gun trust to a new asset protection gun trust.

This trust is not designed for everyone but should be considered if you have a substantial firearms collection.

American Hunter Magazine, received by more than a million subscribers, recently had an article on the benefits of suppressors in relation to hearing. The NRAILA has posted an online version of the has an article on their website.

The article discusses the unfair portrayals by Hollywood to show silencers as tools of criminals and assassins. In reality thousands of law-abiding citizens use silencers to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sound produced by guns. Not only do silencers not make guns silent but they rarely are used by criminals. In Europe suppressors are actively encouraged. They are called “moderators” and are just another accessory for firearms that are widely available and encouraged.

Today only 11 states prohibit the possession of silencers while purchasing them in many of the states where they are permitted can be difficult or impossible unless one chooses to use a Gun Trust Lawyer® to form a NFA Trust or a business entity.

Texas Gun Trust Lawyer and Travel to ColoradoWe are often asked about traveling to another state with NFA firearms. If you own property in multiple states like Texas and Colorado or regularly travel between Texas and Colorado with NFA Firearms, you can do so, but should and in some cases must obtain prior authorization from the ATF to take these firearms over state lines.

Note:Texas and Colorado are just used as an example of two places that you may regularly travel to and from. A Texas Gun Trust prepared by a Texas Gun Trust Lawyer® would be valid in Colorado and a Colorado Gun Trust prepared by a Colorado Gun Trust Lawyer® would be valid in Texas

There is no charge to obtain the authorization for interstate travel from the ATF. Your Gun Trust should have specific instructions on how to do this and if it does not you may want to have your gun trust reviewed by an attorney to see if it is a gun trust or just a generic revocable trust. Many so-called “Gun Trusts” and those provided by gun stores, found in the internet, created by software, or even some from lawyers, actually provide instructions to break the law. If you gun trust mentions stocks, property, homes, or other non-firearms related items, it may be a clue that you have a generic trust.

We are often asked about the advantages of a Gun Trust by one of our Gun Trust Lawyers® over a LLC. I have compile a quick list of the most common advantages.

  1. no federal or state tax or reporting requirements with a trust
  2. no annual fees with a trust

With the growing list of states that have some type of legalized marijuana use, it is important not to transfer a firearm to anyone who is a user of marijuana or medical marijuana (which are both illegal under federal laws). Chris Chiafullo at FFLGuard has an interesting article on how transferring a firearm to someone you believe is an unlawful user of marijuana (even if it is legal in your state) is an improper transfer and could subject you and the person who receives the firearm to criminal penalties.

If you have a Gun Trust, you should also be cautious about having a co-trustee that uses medical marijuana as it could create liability for you and the other people involved with your trust. If you have a trustee in one of the following states, you may want to check on their medical marijuana usage: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon,Vermont, Rhode Island, and Washington have legalized the medical use of marijuana in some form or fashion.

Gun Trust Lawyer®, David Goldman is a counsel of FFLGuard and provides information and legal advise regarding Class III issues. For more information on FFLGuard or to join FFLGuard call 1-888-FFL-GRD1 or visit

I recent read a very well written article by a Washington Lawyer regarding liability for the gun store and potential ethical violations for an attorney who works with a gun store in regards to providing Trust Forms. Many state bars have gone after Trust Mills in the past for very similar issues and there is case law all over the country concerning these issues. If you know a gun store that is providing Trusts to their clients, you may want to send them a copy of this article and suggest that they check out the liability and legality of their actions.

As a potential purchaser of a NFA firearm with a Trust, you might read the article from the viewpoint of the potential liability to the gun store. This will give you an independent perspective on what could go wrong if you use a generic trust to purchase NFA firearms.

Download the article UPL by Gun Shops.pdf

jpeg.jpegWith the increased response and questions regarding Trusts for firearms and other NFA firearms, Gun Trust Lawyer® David Goldman will be working with FFLGuard and their Firearms Dealers and Manufactures to help educate Class III dealers of Title II firearms around the country and provide their employees and clients with NFA trusts specifically designed to deal with the unique issues of firearms ownership, possession, use, and transfer in more than 43 states.
A full press release on Mr. Goldman’s participation in FFLGuard can be found at our website by clicking this hyperlink.

The NFATCA had an article about a revision to NC Law that will put to rest the controversy over the use of Trusts and also apparently drop the Machine Gun Permit for residents of the state of North Carolina North Carolina HB650 was signed into law on June 23rd, 2011 and will become effective on December 1st 2011

H650 [Ratified] Page 5

SECTION 8. G.S. 14-288.8(b) reads as rewritten:

Besides dealing with the issues of physically moving the firearms across state lines, which is covered in our Memorandum that comes with the trust in the section entitled What is necessary if I want to take the firearms across state lines or change the location where they are stored?, we are often asked about the effect of moving states on the Gun Trust itself.

Generally moving from one state to another will not require any changes to the trust with the exception of the state of Maine (only if you want to make additional Title II purchases). A validly created Trust in one state, is valid in another state if you move. Depending on the language in the trust, the rules that it references may change or not. Generally our trusts will still reference the original state’s laws once you move. This can be changed if you desire but is typically not necessary.

More importantly the ATF looks at the minimum requirements for a valid trust in the state in which it is being used. Our trusts meet the minimum requirements of any state where the items are legal.

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