Evacuation with NFA firearms and Form 20 Approval

Over the past several weeks I have received several inquires regarding evacuation with Machine Guns or other NFA firearms.  While I always recommend obtaining Form 20 approvals for all NFA firearms in advance for each state you may travel to in the next year, sometimes this does not happen or could not happen because of timing.

I have good news for those of you who did not obtain Form 20’s in advance and are evacuating because of a named storm, in this case IRMA.

I just got off the phone with ATF who told me to prepare a Form 20 email it to NFAFAX@aft.gov Attn Chuck RE Hurricane IRMA and they will get it and process it ASAP and that while you may not get it back before you evacuate all that is required it to submit it before you evacuate. This only applies to those who are evacuating. for instructions on preparing a form 20 see https://www.GunTrustLawyer.com/form20.html

For those with more Machine Guns than room in your care, you might have a problem if you own them individually, but if you have a Gun Trust remember you can always amend your trust, to add others on to help safeguard your firearms while evacuating.

REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY TAKE A NFA FIREARM TO A STATE WHERE IT WOULD BE LEGAL TO OWN AND POSSESS THE FIREARM  For example Evacuation does not give you the right to bring a Machine Gun or Suppressor to California.

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