Silencers and Hearing Damage from Shooting Sports

American Hunter Magazine, received by more than a million subscribers, recently had an article on the benefits of suppressors in relation to hearing. The NRAILA has posted an online version of the has an article on their website.

The article discusses the unfair portrayals by Hollywood to show silencers as tools of criminals and assassins. In reality thousands of law-abiding citizens use silencers to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sound produced by guns. Not only do silencers not make guns silent but they rarely are used by criminals. In Europe suppressors are actively encouraged. They are called “moderators” and are just another accessory for firearms that are widely available and encouraged.

Today only 11 states prohibit the possession of silencers while purchasing them in many of the states where they are permitted can be difficult or impossible unless one chooses to use a Gun Trust Lawyer® to form a NFA Trust or a business entity.

Even in areas where local sheriffs routinely approve the purchase of silencers there may be significant unforeseen benefits in the use of a Gun Trust. These can include:

  1. Additional co-owners;
  2. Additional authorized users;
  3. Protection from constructive possession;
  4. Protection of the firearms from loss of firearms rights;
  5. Estate Planning and transfer upon death issues related to guns; and
  6. Privacy.

There are many other benefits that can apply depending on your particular circumstances. If you would like to know how a Gun Trust could benefit you, you should discuss your situation and desires with a Gun Trust Lawyer®.

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