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AR15sbrsilencer.jpgWith the recent discussions about the potential federal ban on assault weapons being reinstated,  I thought it would be interesting to see which states already have bans on Assault Weapons

California bans “assault weapons”, .50BMG caliber firearms, some .50 caliber ammunition and “unsafe handguns.”

Connecticut  Bans “assault weapons” as well as select fire machine guns.

An Assault Weapons Trust is a new form of revocable trust that is used to own Assault Weapons as defined in your state.  It allows legally purchasable firearms that your state classifies as Assault Weapons to be owned by the trust and used by the Co-trustees.  As your children or relatives become mature and responsible the trust can be modified to include your heirs or the people of your choice as owners.  This eliminates the need to transfer the weapons in the future which may be in violation of future state laws.

It is important to update the state with any amendments to the trust make sure they know who is authorized to possess and use the firearms.  A NFA trust can also be used to own and possess Assault Weapons. 

Most gun rights individuals expect Obama and the current administration to create a permanent ban for future sales of Assault Weapons.  This may be the time to transfer your firearms into a Assault Weapons Trust or a NFA Firearms Trust.

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