Silencers Now Legal in Michigan

Today, Attorney General of the State of Michigan, Bill Schuette wrote an opinion on the legality of Silencers in Michigan under MCL 750.224(1)(b) and other state laws in which he states:

The possession, manufacture, or sale of a firearm silencer is permitted in Michigan under MCL 750.224(1)(b) if the person is licensed or approved to possess, manufacture, or sell such a device by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as required by MCL 750.224(3)(c). Possession, manufacture, or sale of a firearm silencer by an unlicensed or unapproved person is a felony, punishable by up to five years imprisonment under MCL 750.224(2).

If you want to make or purchase a silencer in Michigan you should read the
Michigan Attorney Generals’ Option 7260

Because of the many requests we have found a dealer in MI who will be stocking silencers. If you find others please let us know.

Continue reading for growing list of dealers.

Thomas Sheehy The Gun Barn 2
FFL & SOT Dealer 313-378-0698
Tigon III Enterprises, Inc. (FFL/SOT)
Class III Stocking Dealer & Transfer facility Serving Western and Central Michigan 616-443-0034

Freedom Firearms
Phone: 269-968-4229 Alternate Phone: 269-420-0076
539 Capital Avenue SW
Battle Creek, Michigan 49015
P.O. BOX 1087
INDIAN RIVER, MI 49749 PH: 231-238-6990

ATG Manufacturing Location Battle Creek, Mi.
Ph: 269-209-3460

PLEAD ARMS LLC Troy,MI 48083 (248) 563-1822 email

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