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The ATF National Firearms Act (NFA) Branch is pleased to announce that as of July 2011, ATF Forms 1, 2, 10 and ATF Form 5320.20 will be assigned to a legal instruments examiner for processing according to the State of the applicant’s address. The NFA Branch also will begin assigning ATF Forms 3, ATF Form 4 and 9 applications to examiners by the State of the transferor’s address. Applications already pending at the time of the change will continue to be processed by the examiner to whom they were previously assigned. Historically, applications in the NFA Branch have been assigned to legal instruments examiners alphabetically based on the name of the transferor or applicant. A chart showing the new assignment distribution is below.

The ATF expects this change in the assignment of applications to better enable NFA examiners to develop State law expertise and more knowledgeably and effectively respond to our customers during an era of unprecedented and ever increasing application volume. Please contact the NFA Branch at 304-616-4500 with any questions about this change.

NFA Examiner Assignment Distribution (effective July 2011)

sbr-silencer.jpgIf you are purchasing a Firearm that was previously manufactured under a Form 1 it may contain the engraving of the previous owner. Since this item was previously manufactured, you will be using an ATF Form 4 and not an ATF Form 1 to transfer this item and as such it will require no engraving on your part.

Generally we are hearing that it is taking 3-5 months from the time you submit your ATF forms for approval. A local gun store Shooters of Jacksonville told me they have two agents assigned because of the number of transfers they do. They stated that this means that ATF Form 4 applications that they sent in are processed faster than at other locations. While I do not know if this is true, I can state, that a recent Form 4 I submitted through Shooters only took 75 days from the date I signed it, until receiving the approved Form 4.

If you want to check on the status of your Form 4 or Form 1, you will need your serial number and to contact ATF.

National Firearms Act Branch,

Alabama Governor Riley signed a bill into law making Short Barreled Riffles and Shotguns legal to own. The law was signed on 4/14/2010 and becomes effective on 7/5/2010. If you have a NFA Gun Trust, there is nothing you need to do, to be able to purchase these items after 7/5/2010.

This also means if you are going to travel to Alabama, you can use a Form 20 to bring your SBR or SBS to Alabama after the law goes into effect.


ATF 5300.4 in 27 CFR 479.102 (page 92) describes what is necessary to engrave on a SBR or SBS when one is manufacturing. This is not necessary if you purchase one that is already manufactured as it will have been done for you.

1) On the Frame or Receiver the Serial number;

NOTE The 5330.20 has been integrated into the Form 4 and Form 1 as of July 12,  2016 so this is no longer necessary.

While ATF has previously stated that a certification of compliance is not necessary for trusts, they have now changed their mind or at lease in some cases. For this reason we are now recommending that you send in the 5330.20 with your Form 4 or Form 1 application to purchase or make a firearm restricted under the NFA.
We will create a sample Form 5330.20 to review. Here is a link to download a Certification of Compliance with 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B) ATF 5330.20

When submitting a Form 1 to the ATF for a SBR or SBS with multiple barrel lengths, the ATF will no longer accept a Form 1 with multiple barrel lengths. It is recommended that you submit the ATF Form 1 (5320.1) with a single barrel length for approval. Follow this link for more information on how to fill out an ATF form1 (5320.1).

If you have additional calibers you want to list you should attach additional configurations in a letter attached to your Form 1 stating the caliber, barrel length, and overall length as related to the firearm listed on the Form 1.

Previously ATF accepted them by being listed in 4h on the Form 1 but no longer accepts this.

crime-tape.jpgI was contacted by the firearms dealer offering the Free downloads of the NFA trust and they have removed the links on their website. Since being contacted, by this dealer I have had reports of other dealers in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and South Carolina who are offering Free trusts.  While I have not had a chance to review all of them, there have been several trusts that were not set up correctly and pose substantial risks to the clients, their spouses and families for Constructive possession of NFA firearms.

The question still remains as to what will happen to their clients and others who have downloaded the invalid trusts and submitted them to the ATF. Apparently the ATF has approved them. It should be noted that just because ATF approved a Form 4 or Form 1 Transfer, this does not mean you are legally able to possess the firearms. They are only approving the ability to transfer the NFA firearms to a legal entity described on the Form 4 or Form 1.

To read more on this topic see the original article Free NFA Trust Form for Class 3, Title II purchases.  This article was written by David M. Goldman a Jacksonville Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer at the Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC  PLLC.

When filling out a Form 1 for the first time with your NFA trust it can be confusing. With an ATF Form 4, there is typically a dealer involved or someone who has done it before so there are not as many questions. I have created a page on How to fill out a Form 1 with a link to a 5320.1 Form 1 that you can download and a sample that is filled out that can be used as a guide. The page also includes instructions on what information should be contained in your Form 1.

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