Shoes for Guns – New Years Resolution

shoegun.jpgI was talking with my wife this weekend and we were discussing things we wanted to change in the upcoming year. While it was not really a New Years Resolutions our topic of conversation drifted to shoes and guns, while my wife thought I had to many guns, I thought she had to many shoes. Of course neither of us could come to an agreement, but we did agree that if she got more shoes, I could get an equal number of guns. Still thinking she had to many shoes, I hope she doubles the size of her collection this year. Not sure if this will work with anyone else, but it seems to be worth a try.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and my wife buys a lot of shoes.

P.S. if you have any extra 6.5 woman’s shoes please send them as used guns seem like they would be part of the deal.

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