Michigan NFA Trust Lawyers in Waterford, Farmington Hills, and Grand Haven

We have NFA Gun Trust Lawyer®s in several locations in Michigan to help purchase Title II firearms or those restricted under the National Firearms Act.  To purchase these items you need a Class 3 license or permit to take possession of the  SBR, SBS, or Machine Gun.

Note there are some additional restrictions on the possession of the NFA firearms over and above the Federal Restrictions found in the ATF. 

The general process for creating an Michigan NFA Trust is to Contact Us so that we can discuss your desires and merge that with what you need.  Once the trust is drafted and reviewed by a Michigan Gun Trust Lawyer®, the trust can be reviewed.  Generally within 7 days of contacting us or calling us you can be ready to purchase the items.

Note even if you do not live in Waterford, Farmington Hills, or Grand Have the lawyers can send the documents by email and have the discussion with you over the telephone.

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