How to move or travel with an NFA Firearm Interstate

Individuals, business entities, or trusts other than class 3 dealers or licensees must obtain permission from ATF prior to temporarily or permanently moving a machine-gun, short-barreled shotgun, short-barreled rifle, or destructive device interstate.

To obtain permission to move these firearms, you must submit either a letter requesting permission to move the item(s) or a Form 5320.20 to the ATF

If you are submitting the request by letter, please include the:

• Name of registrant;
• The firearm(s);
• The current location of the firearm(s);
• The location to which the firearm(s) will be transported;
• The date(s) and means of transportation (car, plane, boat, etc.); and
• The reason the firearm is being moved.

You must also indicate whether:

(1) the move is temporary or permanent;
(2) the move will involve a transfer of the title; and
(3) whether the possession of the firearm will violate local or State law at the destination.

The ATF Form 5320.20 includes these requirements.

Requests for interstate transportation will be denied by ATF if possession of the firearm at the destination will violate State or local law.

Registrants do not have to obtain permission from ATF to move a silencer or “any other weapon” interstate. However, if a registrant’s address for these types of firearms changes after registration with ATF, please notify the NFA Branch in writing of the new address, so the NFRTR can reflect the registrant’s correct address.

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