Gun Trust with Authorized Users in Multiple States or After You Move

A validly created Gun Trust should be valid in another state if you move. While the Gun Trust may not appear valid to the ATF or BATFE, it will be recognized under state law as valid if validly create in another state. When you create a Gun Trust or modify your Gun Trust it is wise to use the minimum requirements of the most strict state so that if you move, or it is used in another state, it will be easy for the ATF to recognize the trust as validly executed.

A Gun Trust that is created in one state, will not allow you or anyone associate with the trust to purchase items in a state where they are illegal to own or purchase. Nor can you take NFA firearms to a state where they are prohibited.

Because we work with a network of lawyers across the United State, our trust incorporate many of the provisions necessary in each state from the beginning. In addition, they can be easily amended to comply with another state’s law if you choose to make such modifications. Further, our trusts are designed to allow for authorized users in different states from where the items may have been purchased or where the Gun Trust was created.

If you have a firearms collection that is approaching or exceeds $50,000 in value you should talk with a Gun Trust Lawyer® about the new Asset Protection Gun Trust that can protect your firearms collection from creditors claims. If you have a previous version of our Gun Trust, you will receive a full credit when you upgrade your Gun Trust.

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