Gun Trust Lawyer®, David Goldman Teaches Florida Lawyers About Firearms Trusts For CLE Credit

cle.jpgOn Tuesday September 14th, 2010, David Goldman spoke to the Port Charlotte Estate Planning Council in South West Florida. The discussion covered the following topics.

The Background of the NFA 1) What is the NFA and why should I care?
2) What is a NFA Firearms Trust?
3) Why people use trusts to buy Machine Guns, Silencers, and other restricted firearms?
5) Marketing for Firearms Trusts.
4) Whats wrong with a traditional trust and why using a traditional revocable trust is malpractice?

  • a) Penalties for violating the NFA.
  • b) The benefits of trust ownership over individual ownership
  • c) The unique firearm regulations to Florida regarding SBR’s and SBS
  • d) The benefits of trust ownership over individual and business ownership.
  • e) Gun store trusts, quicken trust, trusts found on the Internet.
  • f) UPL by gun stores and manufactures rampant
  • g) Invalid trusts
  • h) Modifications needed for pour over wills
  • I) Taxable issues regarding firearms- transfer fees as well as gifting issues
  • j) The Assault weapons Trust and opportunity.

If you are interested in learning about NFA firearms trust, contact a Gun Trust Lawyer® to discuss how they may be beneficial to you or your clients.

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