Does a Gun Trust prevent me from registering my firearms or magazines

We are getting many questions regarding recent laws but one of the most common is “Whether a Gun Trust can prevent me from having to register my firearms or magazines?”

If you live in a state where registration is required, a Gun Trust will not prevent you from having to register your firearms and or magazines that are located in that state. If you would have to register them as an individual, your trust or you will have the same obligation.

The only way to avoid a state required registration is if the items are no longer subject to the state’s laws. e.g. if the firearms or magazines are located in another state.

Remember there are states like CO, CT, and MD along with others who have enacted statutes while will limit your ability to transfer firearms and/or magazines as of the date of enactment or some date in the future.

In Colorado transfers will be restricted or prohibited after 7/1/13 In CT most transfers of magazines are now prohibited.
In MD residents appear to still have sometime to transfer items.

If you live in a state where you are able to do so, it is more important than ever to put your regular firearms and magazines into a gun trust to allow for flexibility that can be obtained by a trust.

If you have a NFA trust that was not designed for regular firearms and magazines, Contact Us to upgrade your trust.

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