Do you have kids and a Gun?

Saw this product at the ShotShow and thought it was great. Now, for the first time in history, you can have a safety device that works when your gun is unloaded or loaded. More importantly, it allows you to make your gun ready to fire faster than any other safety device made. It takes less than 1 second to remove the Safety Bullet® and load a lethal round!! ONE SECOND! Yet, if your child finds your firearm and pulls the trigger, if you have a Safety Bullet® installed, your gun will just become instantly disabled. There is nothing else like this in the market place, nothing!! It’s fast, easy, fast, simple, fast, and safe.

Advantages of the Safety Bullet

1. Easy to load!

2. Easy to remove!

3. Loads and unloads in the blink of an eye!

4. Keeps unauthorized users from firing your gun!

5. Makes your firearm ready to fire faster than any other Patented Safety Device in the world!

6. To anyone looking at your gun it looks like there is no safety device on it, because there isn’t one. This device is not on your gun it is IN your gun.

7. For less that $ 25.00 you can protect your family and yourself from an Accidental Shooting!


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