Choosing the NRA as the Beneficiary of your NFA Trust

Often individuals do not have a specific beneficiary in mind when they create a Gun Trust. Many of these people do not want their heirs to receive the firearms or do not have heirs and choose to list NRA.

If you are considering listing the NRA as a beneficiary, here is some information on how to list them properly.

501(c)(4) Organizations:

  • The National Rifle Association of America
  • NRA-ILA (Institute for legislative Action)

501(c)(3) Organizations:

  • The NRA Foundation, Inc.
  • NRA Special Contribution Fund (NRA Whittington Center)
  • NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund
  • NRA Freedom Action Foundation

If you choose The NRA Foundation, Inc.  you may also choose an optional endowment to further specify how the funds are used:

  • Competitive Shooting and National Championships Endowment
  • Disabled Shooting Services Endowment
  • Firearms and Marksmanship Training Endowment
  • Gun Collecting Endowment
  • Gunsmith Training Endowment
  • Handloading Education Endowment
  • Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Endowment
  • Law Enforcement Training Endowment
  • National Firearms Museum Endowment
  • NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Endowment
  • NRA Voice of Freedom Fund Endowment
  • Range Facilities and Programs Endowment
  • Scholarships Endowment
  • The NRA Foundation General Endowment
  • Women’s Programs Endowment
  • Youth Education Endowment

For more information on the NRA Endowments please contact the NRA at (877) 672-4483.

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