Gun Trust Lawyer®, David Goldman’s Comments to 41P

Below are links to the draft versions of our comments and exhibits that are going to be filed in response to ATF’s 41P. These are being made available to help others prepare their own comments and serve as a guide. In addition, I have included a copy of the proposed rule change.

Guntrustlawyer 41P comments.pdf

GuntrustLawyer Exhibits to 41P.pdf

ATF 41P Proposed Rule Change.pdf

What can individuals do to help? Proposed letter to your local Sheriff

Attorney David Goldman talks with Tom Gresham on GunTalk about 41p. At 2:46 you can hear our discussion.

Here are Attorney Glenn Bellamy’s Comments to 41P which were recently filed.

Here is one of our clients Comments to 41P which was recently filed.

41P BATFE B 12-4-2013.pdf

Here is the NFATCA’s Comment to 41P

NFATCA 41P comments

NRA-ILA’s comment to 41P

The NRA-ILS’s comment

Here is the Firearms Industry Consulting Group’s Comment to 41P- This comment seems to be the most extensive comment prepared and was written by Joshua Prince and Tom Odom at the Prince Law Firm.

Prince Law Firm Comments to 41P
FICG filed a Supplemental Comment in Opposition to ATF 41P

Apparently they were told by the ATF it was 30x to big to upload. There are 400 pages of exhibits which we expect to see soon.

Latest Updates to 41p

Help fight the ATF and 41P

ATF delays any decision on 41P until January 2016

41P final ruling for Gun Trusts delayed until 2015

ATF delays any decision on 41P until December 2015

April 10, 2015 Comments by ATF Lawyer at the NRA Annual Firearms Law Seminar

April 27 Statement by NSSF

ASA and others report that 41P Final action, not expected in 2014.

Gun Trust Lawyer Joshua Prince on Status of 41P and January Date

41P Gutted, final rule published

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