2011 Edition of Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

The 2011 edition contains over 90 changes from last year’s edition including:
2011-firearms-guide.jpg* 50 new sections detailing handgun carry in restaurants that serve alcohol * New section detailing carry in Semi-tractor trailers * Complete redraft of state pages making information even more “user friendly”
* Coverage of states that require permit holders to inform police officers of permit status
* 14 states added over 50 other states to their reciprocity/recognition lists * 3 states enacted laws allowing recognized permits to carry in restaurants serving alcohol
* 3 states began allowing concealed carry by recognized permit holders in state parks * 3 states liberalized their laws for vehicle carry of a handgun * A third state now allows concealed carry without a permit * 1 state redrafted its firearm laws to better serve gun owners * 1 state became “shall issue” and recognizes all out-of-state permits * 2 states enacted new self-defense civil immunity laws * 2 states dropped 3 other states that were previously recognized from their lists * 1 state added a preemption law for local regulation of concealed carry by recognized permits


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