What is a NFA Firearms Trust?


NFA Firearms (also called Title II Firearms) are guns and other items regulated by the National Firearms Act (the “NFA”). Many people mistakenly refer to them as “Class 3” firearms or weapons. The NFA regulates the sale, use, possession, and transfer of machine guns, short-barreled shotguns and rifles, silencers, destructive devices, and AOWs.

In most states, some or all of these items are LEGAL to own. In addition to state regulation, federal law regulates these items under the NFA. Individuals, business entities, and trusts are permitted to purchase NFA firearms if allowed by state law. To obtain permission to transfer or make these items, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (the “BATFE” or “ATF”) requires completion of a Form1 or Form 4 along with payment of $200 for a tax stamp.

While a traditional trust can be used to purchase NFA firearms, there are many problems with using a traditional trust and therefore only an NFA Firearms Trust should be used.

We work with more than 75 lawyers in over 43 states to help individuals and their families educate and protect themselves from unintentional violations of the NFA. The process of creating an NFA Firearms trust involves discussing the client’s objectives, determining what and how their family makeup will influence the structure of the trust, as well as trying to limit future legislative and transfer tax risks associated with NFA firearms ownership. Once the trust is designed an attorney who is licensed in the proper state reviews the trust and then forwards the trust to the client. The client reviews the instructions and FAQs and has a phone consultation to discuss any questions or comments on federal and state laws. If necessary, modifications are made, then the all grantors and trustees sign the trust. Once the trust is properly executed, NFA items can be purchased.

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