The Importance of Providing for Firearms Education, Training, and Activities in your Gun Trust

guns.jpgWhile most trusts provide for educational activities, very few Successor Trustees or attorneys would consider firearms training, education, or firearms related activities under the educational provisions of a trust. At the same time, you would not typically want your firearms sold to provide these educational activities to your children or beneficiaries.

Most of us would agree that if we were to become incapacitated or pass away, our children might not be involved with firearms to the extent that we would like. When children are not involved with these activities or raised with firearms they tend to be afraid of them and can be easily influenced by the anti gun propaganda that we encounter on a daily basis. It is essential that there is a mechanism to provide for shooting activities, hunting experiences, and firearms training to allow our children to understand and appreciate their Second amendment rights and enjoy the use and possession of firearms.

You should speak with your Gun Trust Lawyer® about how to integrate your objectives into your current or a future estate plan so that it will complement your Gun Trust. Our trust already has the framework to allow for these activities and only simple change need to be made to your will or Revocable Trust to complement the Gun Trust that we provide.

If you have a older version of our trust, one created before 2011 or a trust that was created by someone else, you may want to Contact Us about how to upgrade your trust to allow for these important activities and make sure your trust deals with the many specific issues of firearms ownership, transfer, possession, and use.

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