Gun Trust Signing Instructions and Sample Documents

This page is designed to explain how to sign or execute the trust and related documents. You can download the sample files which have notes and have been highlighted to show the fields you need to complete to properly execute your trust

Most documents will need to be signed in front of two witnesses and a notary. If the document does not contain a notary block, it is not necessary to notarize that document.

Your new Gun Trust must be funded prior to submission to the ATF. This means you cannot send a blank assignment sheet to the ATF no matter what your dealer says.

Please take a few minutes and read the instructions on using your trust.

Advanced Gun Trust Sample Documents For Signing.

  1. Sample Gun Trust Document
  2. Sample Gun Trust Amendment Document
  3. Sample Certificate of Trust for Gun Trust
  4. Sample Assignment Sheet

Professional Gun Trust Sample Documents for Signing

  1. Professional Gun Trust Signature Pages
  2. Add Trustees
  3. Trustee Declaration
  4. Assignment
  5. Certificate of Trust
  6. Colorado Firearms Declaration
  7. Removing a Trustee
  8. Change the Beneficiary
  9. Change Successor Trustee

Sample ATF Forms with instructions  (Updated July 13, 2016)

Other Helpful Links

Additional forms to purchase
While the Professional Trust comes with most forms, you may desire to purchase additional amendments later if you have our other Gun Trusts.

Add or remove co-trustees, the cost is $79 and it can be used multiple times to add or remove as many people as you want.
To purchase an amendment form, click this  link

Change your Successor Trustee, the cost is $79 and it can be used multiple times to change your successor trustee on your trust.
To purchase an amendment form, click this link

Change your Beneficiary, the cost is $79 and it can be used multiple times to change the Beneficiaries in your trust.
To purchase an amendment form, click this link

Changing or updating your address. There are several ways to do this.

  1. You can amend and restate your trust to add the new address and all the new language and options.
  2. You can upgrade your trust to a higher level and your address will be updated at that time; or
  3. You can purchase a $79 amendment to update the address of persons named in the trust with this link.

If you would like to discuss amending and restating your trust, please call us.



Outdated links information that is not needed after 6/12/16.

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