Quicken Trusts: Why they are a bad idea for estate planning and firearms

Many of my clients are converting their quicken trusts to NFA trusts to deal with the problems in owning, transferring, and possessing Title II firearms in a trust that was created from a form, dealer, quicken, legal zoom or other generic form.

Last week I got a review copy of the new 2009 version of Quicken and was hoping that they had dealt with many of the problems I have addressed in the past.  Unfortunately, they minor changes seem to have done little to address the defects, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and potential creation of invalid trusts by Quicken.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Quicken 2009
an article I wrote on the Florida Estate Planning Lawyer’s Blog deals with the problems of Quicken from a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer’s prospective.  This is only a subset of the problems that are evident from the perspective of someone who wants to own or purchase Title II weapons.

We not have lawyers we work with in over 35 states to prepare and provide clients with locally reviewed and created NFA firearms trusts.  If you are looking for a professionally prepared and reasonably priced NFA trust, prepared an attorney licensed in your state, that complies with the NFA, your states gun and trust laws along with detailed instructions on how to the Firearms Trust, make NFA purchases with out creating technical violations, and how to avoid the common procedural violations, Contact a NFA trust attorney.

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