NFA Trust Formation

NFA TRUST FORMATION is a process of creating a Trust for the specific purpose of Purchasing Class III firearms and  transferring Class III firearms.  A NFA TRUST is specifically created to comply with the TItle II requirements in dealing with Class 3 firearms.  Class 3 Firearms are items regulated by the National Firearms Act ( NFA) and are typically sound suppressors, silencers, short-barreled shotguns or shotguns, and machine guns.

Most NFA Trusts are formed to bypass a CLEO signature, but there are many additional advantages to purchasing class 3 firearms with a NFA Firearms Trust.  These include dealing with issues of constructive possession, transfer of the assets upon death, and avoiding many of the improper purchases and transfers that contain criminal penalties.

NFA trusts are private, no one knows about them unless you disclose the information
Multiple people can be in possession or use the NFA class 3 firearms.
You can protect your spouse from potential criminal liability that is associated with individual ownership.
No CLEO sign off is required, no fingerprints
The time to acquire items is significantly reduced

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