National Firearms Act Day of Reckoning

Joshua Prince with the Firearms Industry Consulting Group has declared September 3rd the National Firearms Act Day of Reckoning in response to the recent proposal by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to implement Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) signatures for fictitious entity applicants, as well as, instituting a Responsible Person (RP) definition applicable to the different roles within those fictitious entities.

They have prepared several sample letters to be submitted to your State and Federal Representatives, as well as letters for FFLs to submit to the US Small Business Administration.

Before simply sending out the sample letters that FICG has drafted and which are downloadable below, we are asking that you take time to review the sample letter and modify it, explaining your own background and circumstances, how this proposed rule, if enacted, would effect you and include other personalization, especially if you have a prior relationship with your Representative. Form letters have very little impact on our Representatives. Therefore, it is imperative that we ALL take the time to ensure that our Representatives are aware that we took time and effort in preparing the communication and expect a coherent and thoughtful response. You should also be extremely clear to all of your Representatives that you are their constituent and their decision on this matter will have an effect on the next election cycle.

For individuals who have been denied a CLEO signature, you can download a sample copy of the letter FICG has prepared for you to submit to the ATF here.

For FFLs, you can download a sample copy of the letter FICG has prepared for you to submit to the SBA here.

They have also provided sample letters for your Senators, House Representatives and State Representatives and officials

To read the entire blog in its entirety click here.

I would suggest that everyone check with their local CLEO and see if they would be willing to sign and submit the appropriate letters once the comment period has begun.

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