May I or should I place other firearms / weapons in the NFA trust (rifles, shotguns, pistols, knives)

One of the most common questions regarding the formation of a NFA trust is whether it is a good idea to put other firearms or weapons in the trust with the Title II firearms.

Generally as long as you would want those items to go to the same beneficiaries, there is no problem in putting non NFA firearms or other items with similar concerns in the same trust. Under no circumstances should you place regular assets like your personal bank accounts, stock accounts, or real estate inside a NFA trust or trust that is designed for NFA purposes.

A properly prepared NFA trust will have provisions that make the risk of abuse by a trustee or successor trustee to great. The flexibility that is necessary to deal with the unique issues of firearms ownership, transfer, possession as well as the potential risk of criminal liability make us recommend that only firearms and other related property is in the trust.

Remember a traditional trust is not appropriate for NFA firearms. While you can purchase NFA or Title II firearms using a normal trust, the trust often has trustees and successor trustees take actions which will create criminal and civil liability. If you want to know if a NFA trust is appropriate for your circumstances, please Contact a Gun Trust Lawyer®

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