is your Gun Trust Upgradable? Which Gun Trust is Right for Me?

Many of us understand how addicting firearms are. When we purchased our first silencer, we had no idea how many we would eventually purchase and how quickly the value of our firearms collection would grow. As the average firearms collection of our clients has grown, we have come our with additional versions of our Gun Trusts for our clients. Because of our commitment to our clients and the firearms owners, we have allowed everyone to maintain their initial investment in their gun trust. The Gun Trusts Lawyers® that we work with will allow you to trade in your original Gun Trust for full credit towards our Asset Protection Gun Trust.

All of our Gun Trusts are designed for NFA firearms as well as regular firearms. As you know, many of the same issues in determining if your beneficiaries will be appropriate to receive your firearms after you die are the same for Title I or Title II firearms. When looking at the value of your firearms collection, be sure to consider the value of your entire collection. To help you decide which trust is appropriate we have put together some basic guidelines.

If you have less than $25,000 in firearms, the basic Gun Trust is probably the right choice. If you have between $25,000 and $50,000 in firearms you should consider the Asset Protection Gun Trust and if your collection is over $50,000 you should be using the Asset Protection Gun Trust.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your trust to take full advantage of the Asset Protection Gun Trust, contact a Gun Trust Lawyer® to discuss your specific situation.

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