Is it possible to change my Trust document to take advantage of the NFA Firearms Trust Provisions

We are often approached by individuals who have formed trusts and want to know if they can upgrade the language in their trust to take advantage of the provisions in our NFA Firearms trust.

This can be done by amending and restating your existing trust and is a simple process. The process involves a review or your trust as well as an interview to determine what you are trying to accomplish, your family situation, and ways to reduce future taxes as well as legislative changes involved with the transfer of NFA firearms in the future. Once a plan is made, we simply amend your trust to our new trust and the changes become effective upon execution of the new documents.

If you have pending transfers it is possible to contact ATF and let them replace the document in your application and when it is approved it will be under the new trust document. The lawyers we work with do not charge any extra for this process if the review is done at the time when the new trust is ordered. If you just would like your trust reviewed, the typical cost is $150. If you later decide to upgrade your trust, $100 of the fee is waived, but if you determine you want to upgrade your trust from the beginning there is no additional fee over the cost of the trust.

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