How to set up a revocable living trust to purchase National Firearms Act (NFA) or Class 3 weapons

Do you want to purchase a Class 3 item?  These include Silencers, Sort barreled rifles, and Machine Guns.  You need to check and see if you are allowed to own the weapon you desire.

1) Check your state to see if that weapon is permitted.
2) Check to see if your local CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) will sign a Form 4.
3) Determine who needs to be able to have the items in their possession.
4) Are you married?  If so does you spouse or anyone else know the combination to your gun safe?
4) Determine who is a backup person in case the people in (3 & 4) are not able to be in possession, choose not to be in possession, or die.
5) Determine who you want to have the items once you die.
6) Are these people under 18?  At what age do you want them to be able to use or take possession of the firearms?  Does the person in (5) have the ability to determine if it would be a good idea for your beneficiaries to take possession?  (both from a legal, maturity, and responsibility perspective)

Have this information as well as the addresses, counties, age (if under 21) and relationship when you contact a lawyer.  If you need help finding a lawyer familiar with Gun Trusts in your state, you can Contact us and we will put you in touch with someone licensed in your state.

General information on what items can be purchased in your state can be found under your state’s link on this website or from a local gun dealer who sells the items.

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