How do I stop or cancel a Form 1 or Form 4 that has not been approved by the BATFE?

How do I stop the ATF from finishing the approval process on a Form 4 or Form 1?

Either the buyer (individual, officer, or trustee) or the seller can call the BATFE @ 304-616-4500 with the serial number of the items, speak to the examiner, and withdraw the application.  The fee may not be refunded but your should ask about it.  Apparently it is taking 60 (as of June 2009) days to transfer the file to the examiners and they cannot be stopped until the file is in the hands of an examiner.

You might want to stop a transfer, or change the application if you know that the documents you submitted are incorrect, need to be modified, you are moving to another state, or something has changed in a way that you can no longer trust the other trustees.

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