Gun Trust and Purchasing Firearms in Another State

As with regular firearms, some Type II firearms (those sold by class 3 dealers) can only be sold to residents of their state, others can be sold to residents of neighboring states. If an item is not legal in your state but is in another state where you would like to purchase it, a Gun Trust may help with this issue. With a Gun trust, you can solve this problem by including someone who is a resident of the other state as a Trustee of your Gun Trust. Any Trustee on your Gun Trust with the power to make purchases, can purchases the items as long as the person who is picking them up is complying with that state’s laws. Once the Gun Trust owns the items, any Trustee, with the power to use the items can manage them and store them where they want, as long as it the items are legal to possess in the state. A trust also has the benefit of being able to be modified in the future so you can add or remove a trustee (authorized purchaser or user).

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