How to Fill out a Form ATF 5320.23 Responsible Person Questionnaire

Any applications for a Form 1, Form 4, or Form 5 postmarked on or after July 13, must also include Fingerprint cards and pictures.  The following CLEO notification must also be completed. The first 2 pages to to the ATF and the second copy without the picture and serial number are sent to the local CLEO.

Here is the link to a blank 5320.23  in a PDF.  Below are some instructions. The PDF will create two copies and should be printed double sided.

Here is a link to a completed 5320.23 that can be used as a template to help you complete your blank forms.

  1. Select Form 1, Form 4 or Form 5 depending on the type of form you are submitting to the ATF.
  2. Enter the Trust Name and address from the Form 1, 4, or 5
  3. Please provide the information for the responsible person. Note 3E is only for the ATF version and not the copy for the CLEO notification.
  4. Is where information on the firearm is provided  4E is not submitted to the CLEO like with 3E
  5. Contains information on where you send the CLEO notification.
  6. Contains similar information to that found on the back of a Form 1, 4, or 5 and the answers should be based on the individual.

These are the forms to use after July 12th,  Form 1Form 4,   Form 5Form 23

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