Comments for ATF 41P Starting to Accumulate

While close to 400 applications have been received by the ATF 95 of them have been posted on the website, where you can file a public comment. If you would like to file a comment, you can review other comments and post your own online at!docketDetail;D=ATF-2013-0001

It is important to proofread your comments before posting so that your message is clear and makes sense. A few of the comments actually appear to argue the opposite because of missing words or the way they are phrased.

Most comments seem to be centered around the following topics:

  1. Trusts and other Legal Entities have a legitimate purpose.
  2. ATF’s Cost and Benefit Analysis is Flawed
  3. Legitimate Uses of NFA Firearms
  4. ATF uses false assumptions for CLEO refusals. My CLEO will not sign new Forms
  5. Criminals do not use Registered NFA firearms and NFA Firearms are not used for Crimes.
  6. ATF’s Proposals will not prevent crime nor stop what they fear from being able to happen.

Check with your CLEO as well as the CLEOs in other areas around you to find out if they will sign the new proposed CLEO signature. If you have a responsible party in a state where the items are not legal, let ATF know that it would be impossible to obtain a modified CLEO signature because the items are illegal where the person lives, but the person would only use or have access to them where it is permitted. If you have more than 2 responsible parties, let the ATF know that their sample of trusts is inaccurate and that you as well as others you know of have more than 2 responsible parties. Let them know that Trusts help protect against constructive possession have other legitimate estate planning and management purposes.

If you are a FFL or manufacture, you may want to address the effects on your business and employees in addition to the above topics.

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