ATF Just Rejected My Dealer Prepared Quicken Trust and they Don’t Know Why.

Lately we are seeing many people whose Trusts are being rejected by ATF. It appears that ATF has finally decided to try to determine if trusts are valid before allowing people to use a Form 1 or Form 4 transfer.

The bad news is many individuals are finding out that Quicken is not up to date in some states like Florida, and that copies of Quicken or trusts created by others may not be valid under current laws or the laws of other states.

There is a dealer is Jacksonville, who has been preparing invalid trusts for their clients. Not only is this the unauthorized practice of law, a crime in Florida and other states, but they do not understand the importance of understanding the individuals circumstances when preparing a trust. Quicken in general is a really bad tool to use in Florida because it does not comply with many of the 2007 Trust Code Revisions (Yes revisions that were made public more than 4 years ago). For more information on this you might read Using Quicken to Prepare a Trust: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

As I head out to Knob Creek for the Machine Gun Shoot, I am sure I will year many horror stories involving ATF and invalid trusts. If you need help fixing a problem with an invalid trust give us a call, click live chat, or send us an email and we will help you prepare a valid trust that deals with your unique issues and circumstances and your local states laws. We work with attorneys in most states and prepare NFA Firearms trusts. Generally we are providing information based on the NFA and the local attorney provides the state trust and firearms law expertise.

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