A Client’s comments to 41P that were submitted

One of Clients has submitted a comment to 41P and given us permission to post a copy as it is not likely that it will appear on the published comments before the time to respond has closed. You may want to use parts of this comment to help you express your personal experiences or situation.

In summary, this comment discusses

  • ATF has failed to show any real benefits from its proposed rule;
  • Costs and expenses involved with 41P are not accurate;
  • Inability to obtain a modified CLEO for responsible parties who are overseas and in states where the items are illegal;
  • Costs of complying with proposals with 21 responsible persons;
  • Inability to comply for children who are responsible persons;
  • Responses from various law enforcement agencies around the country;
  • Medical marijuana issues;
  • Circumstances where a CLEO signature may not be available within 30 days.

This is another example of a well written comment for 41P. To read our client’s comments and view his exhibits visit my 41p page at https://www.guntrustlawyer.com/41p.html

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