How to Fill out an ATF FORM 1 For NFA Title II Firearm Manufacturing (5320.1)

How to fill out an ATF FORM 1 (5320.1). (Click link to download a blank ATF 5320.1 Form)

You may want to use ATF's new electronic filing as it is reported to be quicker for a Trust.  You can register at and see this Article on its use.

Here is a Sample ATF Form 1 that is filled out and can be used as a guide to check and make sure your form 1 is filled out correctly prior to sending it to the BATFE (ATF).

Please remember that if your document must be submitted in duplicate and if you print it on two sheets, it must be photo copied front and back before sending (printed on both sides of the paper and not on two sheets).  You must send the completed documents ( 2 copies both originals, your trust, any amendments, and your check for $200 to:

National Firearms Act Branch,
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
244 Needy Road, Suite 1250
Martinsburg, WV 25405
Tel 304-616-4500
and not the Atlanta address as you would send in a Form 4. If you send a Form 1 to Atlanta, it will be returned and will delay the process.
Some key points to note:
2  - For a Trust or Corporation select the middle box which says Corporation or Other Business entity.

3b  Should have your trust name and the address where the item will be stored, not necessarily the address of your trust.

3d Should contain the county you live in.

4a Should contain the Manufacturer's name or if you are the manufacture, the Trust's Name.

4b  should contain the type of firearm  ( Silencer, SBR, SBS, Machine Gun, AOW, DD).

4c  should contain the caliber or gage ( Multi is not acceptable, you can only list one, if you have additional calibers you want to list, you should attach additional configurations in a letter attached to your Form 1 stating the caliber, barrel length, and overall length as related to the firearm listed on the Form 1.)

Previously ATF accepted them by being listed in 4h on the Form 1 but no longer accepts this.

4d  should contain the model number of the firearm. (For a Silencer You would need to create a model number)

4e  should contain the length of the Barrel number of the firearm. If there is a Flash Hider you include in the length if the flash hider it is pined and welded (you can only list 1) (For a Silencer you should use N/A)

  should contain the overall length of the firearm. (For a Silencer use the overall length of the silencer)  (If there is a folding stock or adjustable stock, this length should be the shortest length)

  should contain the serial number of the lower and if none you should create one that will be engraved.

  will normally be blank, but if there are other markings or numbers they should be included here.

  should contain "any lawful purpose" unless your state requires for a scientific or experimental purpose - see your state restrictions on NFA firearms. (ATF has updated the requirements for NC - See our North Carolina Gun Trust Lawyer® state information page.

  will normally be checked NO but if it was an NFA item that was removed from the NFA previously check YES.

Generally this will be blank for a Gun Trust. If the person or trust who is asking for permission to build the item has a FFL enter the 15 digit license number.  Generally a FFL should not use a Form 1 to manufacture a Firearms unless they have the proper license to do so. A Form 1 is primarily for a person, Trust or other business entity to request permission to make an item subject to the NFA.

6  If you have a SOT enter the SOT license number in A and the Class in  B.  As a trust you should not have a FFL or SOT.

7  Sign your name as trustee.

Print or type your name as trustee.

Date the Application.

10-11  You must answer these truthfully, if you answer yes to any you will probably not be allowed to purchase.  Once exception to this is question 10d for certain transfers.

12 - 13 Ignore these for Trust or business purchases as they are not necessary.

If you are looking for instructions on a Form 4 with Sample Form see our How to Fill out an ATF Form 4 page.

If you are looking for information on moving or taking NFA firearms across state lines you should see our page on How to fill out an ATF Form 20.

See this page for ATF's Engraving Requirements 4d  should contain the model number of the firearm.

UPDATED 8/2013