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February 11, 2011

How to purchase a Title II Firearm from an out of state person.

When you are purchasing a silencer, SBR, SBS, Machine Gun, AOW, or DD from an out of state resident there are two ways of accomplishing the transfer.

The first and slower way is to do a Form 4 transfer to a local Class 3 SOT dealer. Once this is approved a tax free transfer can be made from that dealer to one in the purchaser's state and then a second Form 4 transfer can be done from the buyer's dealer to the buyer. This will involved 2 transfer fees and generally each dealer will charge a fee for the paperwork and transfer.

The second method involves transferring it directly on a Form 4 to the buyers Class 3 dealer who is located in the same state as the buyer. Once this is approved a second Form 4 transfer can take place from the dealer to the buyer. This will involve 2 transfer fees and fees from the single dealer. This method should be quicker since the dealer to dealer transfer is eliminated.

February 4, 2011

Individual Sentenced to more than 8 Years in Prison for Illegal Machine Guns...

doj-seal-color-90x90.jpgThe US Department of Justice today announced that

A man in Berlin, Connecticut, was sentenced to 101 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, for illegally possessing machine guns, a sawed-off shotgun, silencers, grenades and improvised explosive devices or IEDs.

These items are controlled by the National Firearms Act and you must purchase them using a Form 4 or manufacture them with a Form 1 and pay the tax. If you are in possession of them, are using them, or sell them without complying with the requirements you can face prison sentences and fines.

A NFA Firearms Trust can help you protect yourself and your family from improper possession and other issues such as constructive possession. Contact a Gun Trust Lawyer® for more information on What a Gun Trust is and how you may benefit from one.

February 2, 2011

2011 Edition of Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

The 2011 edition contains over 90 changes from last year's edition including:
2011-firearms-guide.jpg* 50 new sections detailing handgun carry in restaurants that serve alcohol
* New section detailing carry in Semi-tractor trailers
* Complete redraft of state pages making information even more "user friendly"
* Coverage of states that require permit holders to inform police officers of permit status
* 14 states added over 50 other states to their reciprocity/recognition lists
* 3 states enacted laws allowing recognized permits to carry in restaurants serving alcohol
* 3 states began allowing concealed carry by recognized permit holders in state parks
* 3 states liberalized their laws for vehicle carry of a handgun
* A third state now allows concealed carry without a permit
* 1 state redrafted its firearm laws to better serve gun owners
* 1 state became "shall issue" and recognizes all out-of-state permits
* 2 states enacted new self-defense civil immunity laws
* 2 states dropped 3 other states that were previously recognized from their lists
* 1 state added a preemption law for local regulation of concealed carry by recognized permits


To find out more or to purchase the 2011 book click here.