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October 26, 2010

ATF = Inconsistency- to assign or not to assign

Lately we have seen such odd denials from the ATF.

  1. A self created trust was denied because it did not contain an assignment sheet

  2. A trust was denied because it did contain an assignment sheet.

  3. A trust was approved and it did not contain an assignment sheet.

It appears that each agent has their own preferences and often it takes a call to the ATF to clarify what they are requesting and why. Many of the agents have no valid justification for the approval or denial.

October 11, 2010

Alaska Class 3 Dealers

We have also run across a list of some Alaska Class 3 dealers.

Arctic Arms 907-770-7502
Arctic Custom Services 907-376-0703
Arms and Equipment 907-479-4867
B&B Firearms 907-333-9461
R&M Sporting Goods 907-357-9711

If you are a Class 3 dealer or know of other Alaska Class 3 dealers let us know.

If you need help creating or want more information on what an Alaska NFA Trust or Alaska Gun Trust is, Contact Us for more information.

October 11, 2010

Alaska Machine Gun Shoot

This years annual machine gun shoot was May 29-30 at Riverside Park Campground and Range in Anderson AK. The Alaska machine Gun Association's website gives information on their machine gun shoots.

If you have checked on an Alaska NFA Gun Trust in the past and were unhappy about the price, we have some good news. We have a new attorney that we are working with ( not new to the practice of law, but new to our network) and he is offering some very competitive prices on the NFA trust ( as much as 1/2 off the previous lawyers pricing). If you are interested in an Alaska Gun Trust Contact Us to find out more and begin the process.