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September 11, 2009

Mayors Against Illegal Gun - 50 Florida Mayors remain members

From the NRA:
Despite its very misleading name, this national group of anti-gun mayors has lobbied Congress against national reciprocity of state Right-to-Carry permits, against much-needed reform of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), for regulating gun shows out of existence, and for repealing the Tiahrt Amendment that protects the privacy rights of law-abiding gun owners and limits disclosure of sensitive firearm trace data to protect law enforcement personnel and protect lawful gun manufacturers from bogus lawsuits.

You can contact them by using the information provided on this Map. Please call , email and write your mayor today and ask them to support law abiding gun owners by disassociating themselves with Bloomberg and "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"

Atlantic Beach:Mayor John S. Meserve
Atlantis:Mayor Manny Fernandez
Aventura:Mayor: Susan Gottlieb
Bowling Green: Mayor Perry Knight
Cooper City:Mayor Debby Eisinger
Coral Springs:Mayor Scott J. Brook
Doral: Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez
El Portal:Mayor Joyce A. Davis
Fernandina Beach:Mayor Bruce Malcolm
Fort Myers:Mayor Jim Humphrey
Greenwood:Mayor Charles Sanders
Hallandale Beach:Mayor Joy Cooper
Haverhill:Mayor Joseph S. Kroll
Hollywood:Mayor Peter Bober
Hypoluxo:Mayor Kenneth Schultz
Jacksonville:Mayor John Peyton
Kenneth City:Mayor Muriel H. Whitman
Keystone Heights:Mayor Mary Lou Hildreth
Largo:Mayor Patricia Gerard
Lauderdale: LakesMayor Barrington Russell
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea:Mayor Roseann Minnet
Lauderhill:Mayor Richard J. Kaplan
Malone:Mayor Gene Wright
Miami:Mayor Manuel Diaz
Miami Beach:Mayor Matti Herrera Bower
Miami-Dade County:Mayor Carlos Alvarez
Naples:Mayor Bill Barnett
Neptune Beach: Mayor Harriet Pruette
Newberry:Mayor John Glanzer
Niceville:Mayor Randall Wise
North Miami:Mayor Andre Pierre
North Miami Beach:Mayor Raymond Marin
North Palm Beach:Mayor David B. Norris
Oak Hill:Mayor Darla Lauer
Opa Locka:Mayor Joseph L. Kelley
Orlando:Mayor Buddy Dyer
Ormond Beach:Mayor Fred Costello
Pembroke Park:Mayor Emma Shoaff
Pembroke Pines:Mayor Frank C. Ortis
Pompano Beach:Mayor Lamar Fisher
Port St Lucie:Mayor Patricia Christensen
Tallahassee:Mayor John Marks III
Tamarac:Mayor Beth Talabisco
Tampa:Mayor Pam Iorio
West Palm Beach:Mayor Lois Frankel
Windermere:Mayor Gary Bruhn
Winter Park:Mayor David C. Strong
The following mayors in Florida have already resigned their MAIG membership due to your grassroots efforts:

Boynton:Mayor Jerry Taylor
Dundee:Mayor Linda Riner-Mizell
Madeira Beach:Mayor Patricia J. Shontz
Key West:Mayor Morgan McPherson
Palm Shores:Mayor Carol McCormack
Tarpon Springs:Mayor Beverly Billiris
Winter Springs:Mayor John F. Bush
September 8, 2009

Jacksonville's Mayor John Peyton Joins Anti-Gun Group

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton Joined "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" which was founded and funded by the anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The name of the organization is very misleading as the NRA calls the organization a front group to lobby Congress to oppose important pro-gun reforms and support new federal gun control restrictions.

Please email or write Mayor Peyton and ask him to support law-abiding gun owners by publicly disassociating himself with Michael Bloomberg and "Mayors Against Illegal Guns".

While none of us would support illegal guns, this organization is designed to prohibit and restrict legal guns.

Mayor John Peyton
117 W. Duval St., Suite 400
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
904-630-1776 and
September 2, 2009

NFA Gun Trust Lawyer® is the Featured Blogger of the Month on AmmoLand

ammoland.jpgWe are honored that AmmoLand has featured the Gun Trust Lawyer® as the blog of the month on their website. To read their review and our responses to their questions please visit their site at
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