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December 2008 Archives

December 31, 2008

Michigan NFA Trust Lawyers in Waterford, Farmington Hills, and Grand Haven

We have NFA Gun Trust Lawyer®s in several locations in Michigan to help purchase Title II firearms or those restricted under the National Firearms Act.  To purchase these items you need a Class 3 license or permit to take possession of the  SBR, SBS, or Machine Gun.

Note there are some additional restrictions on the possession of the NFA firearms over and above the Federal Restrictions found in the ATF. 

The general process for creating an Michigan NFA Trust is to Contact Us so that we can discuss your desires and merge that with what you need.  Once the trust is drafted and reviewed by a Michigan Gun Trust Lawyer®, the trust can be reviewed.  Generally within 7 days of contacting us or calling us you can be ready to purchase the items.

Note even if you do not live in Waterford, Farmington Hills, or Grand Have the lawyers can send the documents by email and have the discussion with you over the telephone.
December 31, 2008

Michigan State Gun Laws

MICHIGAN STATE GUN LAWS.pdf is a summary of the Michigan state gun laws.  Please download it to view detailed gun laws that may apply to NFA or Title II firearms

December 27, 2008

Thompson Machine Gun Wanted

I have a client who is looking to purchase a Thompson Machine Gun in Florida.  If you are not in Florida, there is a local transfer agent willing to help out.  If you have one for sale or know of one at a good price please let us know.
December 19, 2008

You've been served by Facebook

Could you be served court papers by Facebook?  Recently a judge in Australia allowed a defendant in a law suit to be served copies of court papers by their Facebook account.  After the judge was satisfied that the defendant was the same person who owned the Facebook account and the defendant was unable to be located, the judge allowed the defendant to be served through their Facebook account.   The Legal Blog Watch has an article posted by Carolyn Elefant - Court Papers Served By Facebook
December 11, 2008

ATF, Title II Weapons / Firearms, Transfers and Purchases under the NFA

There seems to much confusion between various terms dealing with the National Firearms Act.  There are Title 1 weapons and Title II weapons.  Title II weapons are those covered by the NFA and which transfer ownership and possession must be approved the the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco Firearms) or more accurately the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives).
Often people talk about Class 3 Firearms or Class 3 weapons.  There is no such thing as a class 3 firearm or weapon.  There is a class 3 term but it deals with an occupational tax that is paid in relation to an approved transfer of weapons.

Often people use Class 3 Firearms when they mean Title II firearms or those weapons restricted by the NFA.
December 10, 2008

NFA Gun Trust Training

On Thursday December 11th, 2008 the Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC will be providing training to the management and sales people at Shooters in Jacksonville Florida on the benefits and advantages of using an NFA Trust to purchase and hold Title II weapons under the NFA.  If you have a Gun Store and sell Title II firearms please contact a  Gun Trust Lawyer® to schedule training for your staff.
December 4, 2008

International Travel with Class 3 Firearms

boat.jpgNFA and International Travel

Recently we had  a client ask if it was permissible to travel into international waters with Title II firearms or those restricted by the NFA. 

The ATF responded that it was not permissible.  Although we see no indication in the NFA that this is a restricted activity.

We have asked the ATF for clarification on this issue, but at this time, you should not travel in international waters with weapons restricted by the NFA.
December 3, 2008

Traveling to Multiple States with NFA Firearms

state_border.jpgWhat if you want to travel to several states on a trip and bring a firearm which is restricted by the NFA? 

When traveling across state lines, it is important to get pre-approval to bring Title II weapons with you.  Each location would require a separate Form 20 approval.  The ATF will allow you to have a date range of up to 1 year for the travel time and will also accept more than 1 Form 20 at the same time.

If you have a question about traveling with a NFA weapon,  Contact a NFA Gun Trust Lawyer®.

December 2, 2008

District of Columbia V. Heller

The NRA is offering a special book by Les Adams, author of The Second Amendment Primer, which deals with the Heller decision.

You can order a signed copy of the District of Columbia v. Heller: An Anatomy of the Supreme Court's Landmark Second Amendment Decision  from the NRA's Affiliate Palladium Press. You can also call them at 1-888-397-3377.
December 1, 2008

Florida Gun Crimes

The Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC has hired Cynthia Veintemillas, a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney who will be dealing with Jacksonville Gun Crimes.  For more information Florida Gun Crimes or to Contact a Jacksonville Weapons Lawyer.  Cynthia publishes the Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog.